The Estate of Tom Wesselmann



Selected Catalogues

'Tom Wesselmann', Susan Davidson, Almine Rech Editions

'Tom Wesselmann - A Different Kind of Woman',  Almine Rech, Brenda Schmahmann and Anne Pasternak, Almine Rech Editions

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‘Ileana Sonnabend; Ambassador for the New’, The Museum of Modern Art, New York, (exhibition catalogue)

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Judith Goldman, Robert & Ethel Scull, ‘Portrait of a Collection’, New York, Acquavella Galleries
‘Tom Wesselman, Flowers’, Galerie Klaus Benden, Cologne (exhibition catalogue)

‘Tom Wesselmann, Journey into the Landscape –Steelcuts’, Galerie Thomas, Munich, Germany, (exhibition catalogue)
‘The Figure and Dr. Freud’, Haunch of Venison Gallery, New York, (exhibition catalogue)
‘Tom Wesselmann Draws’, Haunch of Venison Gallery, New York, (exhibition catalogue) 

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Judd Tully, ‘Tom Wesselmann, Sunset Nudes’ (exhibition catalogue), New York, Robert Miller Gallery
‘Tom Wesselmann’ (exhibition catalogue), Munich: Galerie Thomas

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