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Almine Rech

THE POP OF LIFE! Pop Art in the Collection of the MMFA

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (MMFA) is inviting the public on a foray into the fascinating world of Pop art. The Pop of Life! is a rotational presentation of some 70 artworks from the Museum’s collection – installations, works on paper, paintings, sculptures and prized decorative arts and design pieces – all of which are associated with this movement that had a commanding presence in the 1960s and 1970s. Drawing inspiration from popular culture and mass media, Pop art set in motion a veritable revolution that, to this day, challenges reified notions of what art can be. 

Characterized by bright colours, linearity, flatness, cropping, text, series and multiples, the Pop style explicitly evokes, among other things, the mass production associated with consumer culture. The pervasive infiltration of commercialism, technology and the media into the urban landscape is further reflected in Pop art’s far-reaching subject matter, which encompasses everyday objects, brand-name products, current events, celebrities and a wide array of female archetypes, including comic-book heroines and housewives. 

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