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    To ensure the safety and well-being of our staff, artists and the public, Almine Rech galleries will temporarily close to the public in Paris, Brussels, London and New York. Our Shanghai location remains closed until further notice.

    During this time, our Paris, Brussels, London and New York locations will be open by appointment only.

    Allen Jones
    Alexandre Lenoir (Project room)
    Until April 11th

    Antoni Tàpies
    Until March 28th

    Genesis Tramaine
    Until April 18th

    New York:
    Jansson Stegner
    Until April 18th


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  • Lászlo Moholy-Nagy in 'Supermaket of images', Jeu de Paume, Paris

    Until June 7, 2020

    Lászlo Moholy-Nagy’s works ‘Construction in Enamel 1, 2 and 3’, 1923-2012 - edited by Almine Rech in collaboration with the Estate of the Artist - are currently on view at Jeu de Paume in Paris, in the exhibition ’The Supermarket of images’ - until June 7, 2020
    Curated by Peter Szendy, Emmanuel Alloa and Marta Ponsa

    We live in a world that is increasingly saturated with images. 
    Their number is growing so exponentially – each day more than three billion images are shared on social networks – that the space of visibility seems to be literally inundated. As if it can no longer contain the images that constitute it. As if there were no more room, no more interstices between the images.
    This brings us closer to the point that Walter Benjamin imagined, almost a hundred years ago now, as “the one hundred percent image space”. Faced with such an overproduction of images, questions need to be asked, more than ever before, about their storage, management, transportation (even if it is electronic) and the paths they follow, their weight, the fluidity or viscosity of their exchanges, their fluctuating values – in short, questions about their economy.
    In the book from which this exhibition is derived1, the economic aspect of the life of images is called iconomy.
    The works and artists chosen for the exhibition cast a keen and watchful eye over these issues. On the one hand, they reflect the upheavals that currently affect the economy in general, whether in terms of unprecedentedly large storage spaces, the scarcity of raw materials, labour and its mutations into intangible forms, or in terms of value and its new manifestations, such as cryptocurrencies.

    Lászlo Moholy-Nagy, ‘Construction in Enamel 1, 2 and 3’, 1923-2012
    Enamel on steel
    24 x 15 cm, 47,5 x 30 cm, 94 x 60 cm
    Edition of 3 + 2 Estate proofs

  • Genieve Figgis, The Great Women Artists Podcast

    Podcast available here

    In Episode 18 of The Great Women Artists Podcast, Katy Hessel interviews the world-renowned Irish artist, GENIEVE FIGGIS!! And WOW was it amazing to interview Genieve, whose vibrant, loosely rendered, liquid-like works that reimagine classical scenes I have been SUCH a fan of since her inaugural London exhibition at Almine Rech back in 2015!

    Working in oil and acrylic and at small- to mid-scale, Genieve Figgis produces paintings rich in color, texture, and humor. Striking the balance between figuration, her marble-style and liquid-like paintings are reminiscent of the 18th century Rococo style. 
    Born in Dublin and now based in County Wicklow, Figgis was always interested in art, however it wasn’t until she was in her thirties with two small children, that she completed her art education in 2012. Exhibiting across Dublin galleries, it wasn’t until Figgis used Twitter to display her artwork in 2014, which caught the attention of one artist in particular – Richard Prince – who introduced Figgis to the New York art scene.

    Often reimagining and re-staging historical works – from Boucher, Fragonard, and Watteau – Figgis is particularly interested in scenes that feature sumptuous domestic interiors and stately country homes. 
    It was such an honour to get to know and interview Genieve. We chat about everything from her strict Irish Catholic upbringing, what it was like entering a museum for the first time aged 19, going to art school later on in life, her ideas and interests behind her incredible painterly scenes, to her process and being an artist today.

    Photo: Portrait of Genieve Figgis by Doreen kilfeather, April 2017

  • Markus Lüpertz at Museum Jorn, Silkeborg, Denmark

    Until May 10, 2020

    The internationally renowned German painter Markus Lüpertz (b.1941) represents one of the most distinctive profiles of German post-war avant-garde. With his provoking and unconventional imagery he promoted a redefinition of modern German painting. In the mid-1960s he invented his lyrical-solemn – the so-called ‘dithyrambic’ – art, combining figurative naturalism with abstract components to form a stylistically expressive and optimistic idiom.

  • Peter Saul: Crime and Punishment, New Museum, New York

    Until May 31, 2020

    With a caustic sense of humor, Saul has continuously skewered America’s leaders, rendering their stretched, distorted bodies in Day-Glo colors. Long pushed to the margins of the art world, Saul's work now proves to be a perfect expression of our horrific present

  • Kanye West Shot an IMAX Film Inside James Turrell’s Roden Crater and You Can See It in Theaters Next Month

    Next month, West will release an IMAX film shot this past summer inside Roden Crater, Turrell’s ongoing land-art installation within a hollowed-out volcano in Arizona’s Painted Desert. Titled Jesus is King after West’s forthcoming album, the documentary includes footage of West performing in the crater, giving viewers a rare look at Turrell’s masterpiece, which has to this point only been seen by a select few people.

  • John Giorno - New Museum X Apple

    Apple today opened registration for a series of new art-based Today at Apple augmented reality (AR) experiences, called [AR]T, offered at Apple Stores around the world. The three new sessions include an interactive walk featuring works by some of the world’s premier contemporary artists, an in-store session that teaches the basics of creating AR using Swift Playgrounds and an AR art installation viewable in every Apple Store worldwide.

  • John McCracken and De Wain Valentine in 'Selected works from the Alex Hank Collection', TARMAK 22, Gstaad

    June 6 - November 15, 2019

  • Miquel Barceló, MIC, Faenza, Italy

    June 1 - October 6, 2019

    Miquel Barceló, in Faenza the first anthological exhibition devoted to his ceramics.

    From 1st June to 6th October the International museum of Ceramics in Faenza devotes an outstanding solo exhibition to the Spanish artist Miquel Barceló one of the greatest protagonist of the contemporary international context. The exhibition in Faenza, curated by Irene Biolchini and Cécile Pocheau Lesteven, is the first anthological event devoted to his ceramic production, from his debut to nowadays. It concerns a special project created by the artist just for the MIC Faenza, in a dialogue with the works belonging to the history of ceramics, housed in the greatest museum of the world devoted to this language.

    Image: Miquel Barceló, Retrat de Familla, 2015, terracotta e smalti/ earthenware and glazes, 71 x 122,5 x 45 cm, courtesy private collection, ph. Agustí Torres

  • Peter Halley 'Heterotopia', Magazzini del Sale 3, Venice

    May 8 - August 10, 2019

    The Academy of Fine Arts of Venice and Flash Art present Heterotopia I, an installation by Peter Halley in the historic spaces of the Magazzini del Sale, no. 3, on the occasion of Venice Biennale. The exhibition is curated by Gea Politi, director of Flash Art, and will run from May 8 through August 10.

    With works by Laurent Clay, RM Fischer, Andrew Kuo - Texts by Elena Sorokina, curated by Geo Politi, presented by the Academy of Fine Arts Venice and Flash Art.

    Magazzini del Sale 3
    Fondamenta Zattere Ai Saloni
    Dorsoduro, Venice, Italy

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, all galeries are temporarily closed to the public, but remain accessible by appointment.