Ryoji Ikeda

  • , systematics [nº1], 2012
    punched tape for vintage computers, acrylic panels, LEDs, stainless steel
    1030 x 16 x 59mm
  • , test pattern [100m version], 2013
    audiovisual installation, 2013
    © Wonge Bergmann für die Ruhrtriennale 2013
    © Ryoji Ikeda

    date / place:
    AUG 23-25, 2013 / Ruhrtriennale, Kraftzentrale, Duisburg, DE
    SEP 4-15, 2013 / Ruhrtriennale, Kraftzentrale, Duisburg, DE

    concept, composition: Ryoji Ikeda
    computer graphics, programming: Tomonaga Tokuyama

Born in 1966 in Gifu, Japan
Lives and works in Paris, France and Kyoto, Japan

Japan’s leading electronic composer and visual artist Ryoji Ikeda focuses on the essential characteristics of sound itself and that of visuals as light by means of both mathematical precision and mathematical aesthetics. Ikeda has gained a reputation as one of the few international artists working convincingly across both visual and sonic media. He elaborately orchestrates sound, visuals, materials, physical phenomena and mathematical notions into immersive live performances and installations. Alongside of pure musical activity, Ikeda has been working on long-term projects through live performances, installations, books and CD’s such as 'datamatics' (2006-), 'test pattern' (2008-), 'spectra' (2001-), ‘cyclo.’ a collaborative project with Carsten Nicolai, ‘superposition’ (2012-), 'supersymmetry' (2014-) and ‘micro | macro’ (2015-).


  • Ryoji Ikeda

    Elevation 1049, Gstaad, Switzerland
    February 3 - March 19, 2017

    A minimalist, Ryoji Ikeda uses the fundamental elements of light and sound to create sonic and visual landscapes that build, like snow, from countless accumulations of singular units. ‘test pattern’ is a system that converts any type of data (text, sounds, photos and movies) into barcode patterns and binary patterns of 0s and 1s. Through its application, the project aims to examine the relationship between critical points of device performance and the threshold of human perception.