Salon de Peinture

New York

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Press release

 In July 1573, Veronese was put on trial for heresy before Venice’s Tribunal of Inquisition because the latter considered that the former’s Last Supper was not in keeping with its subject. When Veronese was asked about the reason why he depicted characters other than Christ and the twelve Apostles, he answered: ‘If in a painting there is space left over, I fill it with figures from my imagination. [...] My commission was to make this picture beautiful according to my judgement, and it seemed to me that it was big and capable of holding many figures.’ Veronese eventually had to rename his painting to The Feast in the House of Levi, originally executed for the refectory in the Venetian church of Santi Giovanni e Paolo, now in the collection of the Gallerie dell’Accademia. As Anthony Blunt argued, Veronese thought ‘in terms of beauty not of spiritual truth, and his object was to produce a magnificent pageant painting, not to illustrate a religious story.’ Or, to put it in another way, Veronese’s painting is a mosaic of painterly moments—the most eloquent one being the man whose nose is bleeding in the lower right-hand side (the lower left-hand side of the painting). 

-  Théo de Luca, Author, Yale University