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Almine Rech
Zenith, 2020 - Oil and acrylic on canvas - 180 x 180 cm - 70 7/8 x 70 7/8 in

Madelynn Green

Madelynn Green (b. 1993 in Milwaukee, USA) lives and works in London. Referencing the visual language of film photography, with its distinctive haze and ambiguity, Green’s paintings function as the physical embodiments of underrepresented histories and visually engender social and political concepts. Paint drips and figures are loosely rendered to foreground the strength of the medium as a tool for radical image-making, distinct from the objective camera lens. This imaginative balance between abstraction and representation generates new associations. In speaking about her practice, Green often notes how her experiences growing up in the American midwest and south shape her subjective and material interests, which, despite manifesting in paint, are rooted in photography. 

Green’s background in politics guides her paintings and is subtly manifested in her proliferation of counter-hegemonic images. Making paintings in focused series, she addresses a range of subjects, synthesizing varied ideas and experiences. Working from photo and video reference material as well as imagination, recent subjects have included family and social dynamics—primarily those found in nightclubs and crowds. Green’s work is held in private collections globally and was acquired by the UK Government Art Collection in 2019. 


  • Interview of Madelynn Green at her studio by VO Curations

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