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Almine Rech

Sylvie Fleury

Born in 1961 in Geneva, where she continues to live and work, Sylvie Fleury emerged in the early 90's as a significant figure on the international art stage. Fleury's "shopping bag" installations, which she included in some of her earliest exhibitions, laid the foundations for a body of work that would draw on elements from both twentieth-century art and consumer society. Exploiting paradoxes and the ambiguity of futility, Fleury went on to develop a diverse oeuvre that continually expanded the range of its interpretations. Luxury clothing and accessories, the world of Formula 1 racing,  modern and contemporary art icons (from Piet Mondrian to Andy Warhol or John McCracken), magazine covers, and oversized everyday objects: Sylvie Fleury has forged an artistic sensibility that continually reinvents itself, layering its meanings upon one another, and finding new ways to explore our collective consciousness.

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