Ewa Juszkiewicz

  • , Untitled (after Joseph Wright), 2020
    Oil on canvas
    160 x 125 cm
    63 x 49 1/4 inches
  • , Untitled (after Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun), 2020
    Oil on canvas
    160 x 120 cm
    63 x 47 1/4 inches
  • , Untitled (after Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun), 2020
    Oil on canvas
    130 x 100 cm
    51 1/8 x 39 3/8 inches
  • , Untitled (after Adélaïde Labille-Guiard), 2020
    Oil on canvas
    100 x 80 cm
    39 3/8 x 31 1/2 inches
  • , Untitled, 2020
    Oil on canvas
    90 x 70 cm
    35 3/8 x 27 1/2 inches
  • , Untitled (after Joseph van Lerius), 2020
    Oil on canvas
    70 x 55 cm
    27 1/2 x 21 5/8 inches
  • , Untitled (after Christoffer Eckersberg), 2019
    Oil on canvas
    78,7 x 58,4 cm
    31 x 23 Inches
  • , Portrait of a lady (after Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg), 2020
    Oil on canvas
    100 x 80 cm
    39 3/8 x 31 1/2 in

Through her painting, Ewa Juszkiewicz (b. 1984, Gdansk, Poland) challenges visual conventions and confronts stereotypical perceptions of women’s beauty in classical European painting. By deconstructing and reinterpreting the female subject in historical artworks, Juszkiewicz undermines their constant, indisputable character. One of the most celebrated contemporary Polish painters of today, Juszkiewicz challenges the viewers’ perception by experimenting with the form of the female figure and face, balancing human and inhuman elements within her work to reveal a style that is at once classical in technique, yet subversive and rebellious in content.

Selected as one of 100 Painters of Tomorrow in the eponymous 2014 Thames & Hudson book and included in the new edition of Vitamin P - Vitamin P3. New Perspectives in Painting published by Phaidon, and a Grand Prix laureate of the 41st Painting Biennale (Bielska Jesień) in 2013, Juszkiewicz has also been featured in exhibitions at museums and public institutions including: the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw; MOCAK Museum of Contemporary Art in Cracow; Kunsthalle Bratislava; National Museum of China, Beijing; among others. Her work resides in the esteemed museum collections of the National Museum in Gdańsk, the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, BWA Galeria Bielska in Poland, and Zachęta of Contemporary Art in Szczecin, Poland. Juszkiewicz currently lives and works in Warsaw, Poland. 



  • Selections - Online Viewing Room

    May 11 - 22, 2020


    Almine Rech is pleased to share with you a selection of new artworks by eleven artists the gallery represents. Entitled "Selections", the presentation takes place in our newly built 'viewing room.' It all began with the idea of expanding the experience of seeing art to a digital space where distance, simulation, and digitally constructed environments prevail, temporarily. These works in which body, figure and the identities’ essence are evident in the casting should have been presented for the first time this spring at Art Monaco, Art Brussels, and TEFAF New York, events which have either been postponed or canceled. Thus fostering proximity with an assembly of talents from the gallery, the ‘viewing room’ offers the possibility to encounter each work in a digital environment.

    Text by Alexis Vaillant
    Curator and writer
    Former Chief-curator of CAPC - Museum of Contemporary Art of Bordeaux (France)

    With works by:
    Nathaniel Mary Quinn
    Ewa Juszkiewicz
    Tom Wesselmann
    Vaughn Spann
    Brent Wadden
    Günther Förg
    Tursic & Mille
    Johan Creten
    Chloe Wise
    Markus Lüpertz
    John McAllister

    Link to the Online Viewing Room here

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