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Almine Rech

Peter Saul

There’s a lot going on in Peter Saul’s paintings: works by the American artist feature vulgar jokes in lush colors, refrigerators and Ronald Reagan, Yankee trash and rich dogs, Superman on the toilet, BANZAI, Mickey Mouse attacking the “Japs,” a “MadDocter” conspiring evil plans. He lavishly presents us the world as a chaotic mess. 

Beginning in the late 1950s Peter Saul developed a crossover of pop art, surrealism, abstract expressionism, Chicago imagism, San Francisco funk, and cartoon culture in a language all his own. 

 - Martina Weinhart

Born 1934 in San Francisco, California, the artist lives and works in New York. Works by Peter Saul currently feature in many local and international public collections, such as the prestigious Collection of Museum of Modern Art in New York (USA), of Metropolitan Museum of Art (USA), of Art Institute of Chicago (USA) or of the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris (France). 

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