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Almine Rech

L’autre musée The treasures of a major contemporary art collection

Oct 13, 2023 — Jan 14, 2024 | Frac Bretagne, Rennes, France

The Frac Bretagne presents 'L’autre musée, The treasures of a major contemporary art collection'. 

The art collection of the Frac Bretagne, often unknown by a wide audience, nevertheless holds more than 5,500 works by more than 1500 artists of over 125 nationalities.
The exhibition is an opportunity to highlight and emphasize what this regional heritage conceals in terms of nuggets.

Among these treasures, there are of course great names of French and international art, such as Pierre Soulages,  Vera Molnar, Martha Rosler or Andy Warhol, that the Frac Bretagne had the opportunity to acquire the works of when the art market still allowed it. But there are also many other artists, younger or less renowned, whose works, as fascinating as delicate, describe and problematize our world.

The exhibition does not have any specific theme. Rather, it is a display of works that represent both the main axes of the Frac Bretagne collection and the diversity of art forms of the last forty years.
Through the practices of about sixty artists from all over the world, the audience discovers abstract painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, installations, artists’ books as well as video. So many abundant treasures that are a common heritage that people from Brittany have the opportunity to discover during this anniversary exhibition.

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