Peter Halley



Selected Monographs

‘Peter Halley: Big Paintings’, Benjamin Colman, Florence Griswold Museum, 2015

‘Peter Halley Since 2000’, Jo Melvin, Musée d’Art Moderne Saint-Etienne Métropole and Maruani & Noirhomme Gallery, 2014

‘Peter Halley:Maintain Speed’, D.A.P, New York, 2000

‘Peter Halley, exhibition catalogue’, Museo Nacional Reina Sofia, Madrid, 1992

Selected Articles and Essays

‘Peter Halley’s abstract works are on view in a new exhibition in Connecticut’. Architectural Digest, by Meredith Mendelsohn, 2015

‘Selected essays 1981-2001’, Peter Halley, Edgewise, 2013

‘Peter Halley talks to Dan Cameron - ‘80s Then’ , Art Forum, by Dan Cameron, March 2003

‘Peter Halley Makes a Move’, Flash Art, by Jeff Rian, October 1995

‘Collected Essays 1981-2001’, Peter Halley, Lapis Press, 1988