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Almine Rech

Peter Halley Conduits: Paintings from the 1980s

Mar 31 — Oct 15, 2023 | Mudam, Luxembourg

Bringing together a selection of thirty significant works from both public and private collections, this retrospective exhibition showcases paintings alongside previously unseen drawings, sketches, and notes from the initial decade of Peter Halley's career.

During the 1980s, Peter Halley developed a distinctive visual language that he has continued to employ in his artistic practice for over four decades. By reappropriating the elements of geometric abstraction, he constructed a pictorial system consisting of "prisons," "cells," and "conduits," allowing him to create diagrammatic paintings that represented social themes. Through these works, he explored the consequences and enduring effects of urbanization and industrialization in a post-industrial society profoundly shaped by technological advancements. Working at the emergence of the internet and during a time when personal computers and video games became widely adopted, he depicted the physical and bureaucratic environments of the late twentieth century, capturing the systemic logic that manifested within the architectures of the nascent digital realm.

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