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Almine Rech

Günther Förg

The work of German artist Günther Förg encompasses a variety of media from sculpture to painting, ceramics to photography. Although Förg has worked in a variety of techniques and materials, painting remains his most important expressive medium.  He started his career in the 1970s in Munich, where he was influenced by Blinky Palermo and his proclivity for wall painting arose from his interest in architecture, reflected in his turning towards photography. After his early monochromatic paintings, Förg continued to explore modernist themes from postmodern perspectives. Gradually, he achieved a complete command  of color to create space and form, opening up new insights and perspectives in his painting. In his later works, which bear resemblance to the watercolors by Paul Klee, the color fields of Mark Rothko, or the scumbled marks of Cy Twombly, Förg has gone on to appropriate older strategies of picture-making, presenting them afresh.

Selected artworks

  • Günther Förg,                                      Untitled, 2006

    Günther Förg Untitled, 2006

    Acrylic on canvas
    200 x 240 x 2,5 cm

  • Günther Förg,                                      Untitled, 2006

    Günther Förg Untitled, 2006

    Water colour and pastel on paper
    55,3 x 67 x 3 cm (framed)

  • Günther Förg,                                      Untitled, 1998

    Günther Förg Untitled, 1998

    Acrylic on canvas
    250 x 420 cm
    98 3/8 x 165 3/8 in

  • Günther Förg,                                      Untitled, 1995

    Günther Förg Untitled, 1995

    Acrylic on canvas
    250 x 413 cm
    98 3/8 x 162 5/8 in

  • Günther Förg,                                      Untitled, 2005

    Günther Förg Untitled, 2005

    Acrylic on wood
    55 x 45 cm
    21 5/8 x 17 3/4 in

Selected press