• LIU WEI, in discussion with Liang Shuhan

    Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Creativity

  • Erik Lindman: Talk at Glasgow School of Art

    On Friday 19th of October, Erik Lindman has participated in a talk at the Glasgow School of Art.

    You can listen the lecture by following this link: 
    Vimeo/Erik Lindman

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  • Mark Hagen: Acquisition by the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles

    In 2012, the Hammer Museum has acquired a sculpture by Mark Hagen.

    Mark Hagen
    To Be Titled (Additive Sculpture, Los Angeles Screen), 2012
    Cement and steel
    10,5 ft x dimension variable

    Hammer museum website:http://hammer.ucla

  • Erik Lindman @ Pour une grammaire du hasard, Fri Art, Fribourg, Switzerland

    10.11.2012 - 13.01.2013

    Opening: Friday 9th November, 6pm

  • JAMES TURRELL @ Guggenheim, New York


    In June the Guggenheim Museum will present James Turrell’s first solo museum exhibition in New York since 1980, an ambitious project that will close the museum’s ramps and use its architecture to create a mass of shifting color similar to his Skyscapes. The show will also feature studies and drawings for his magnum opus,Roden Crater (1976–). The show is part of a tripartite retrospective that will occur simultaneously at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

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  • TARYN SIMON, Paris Photo,

    Vendredi 16 novembre 2012 / 18h30 - 19h30

    A l'occasion de PARIS PHOTO, au Grand Palais du 15 au 18 novembre 2012, Taryn Simon participera à une lecture interactive animée par Marta Gili.

    L'expression artistique de Taryn Simon passe, à parts égales, par trois médiums : la photographie, le texte et le graphisme. Elle étudie à travers ses œuvres la chimère de la compréhension absolue, ouvrant un espace entre le texte et l'image, là où survient la désorientation et où règne l'ambigüité.


    14h30-16h: La fluidité et l'« impureté » du médium photographique David Campany (auteur et Maître de conférence en photographie à l'Université de Westminster, Londres)
    Jean-François Chevrier (Professeur en histoire de l'art contemporain à l'École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Paris)
    David Joselit (Professeur en histoire de l'art à l'Université de Yale).
    Michelle Kuo (Rédactrice en chef au magazine Artforum International, New York) Discussion animée par Roxana Marcoci.

    16h30-18h Usage du document photographique, processus d'appropriation de l'image, travail d'archivage et de reconstruction historique
    Adam Broomberg (artiste)
    Oliver Chanarin (artiste)
    Urs Stahel (Directeur du Fotomuseum Winterthur)
    Akram Zaatari (artiste)
    Discussion animée par Roxana Marcoci et Paul Holdengräber.

    18h30- 19h30 Lecture interactive
    Taryn Simon (artiste)
    Lecture animée par Marta Gili (directrice du Jeu de Paume, Paris)

  • JOHAN CRETEN 'Fire works', Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens

    21.10.2012 - 13.01.2013

    The oeuvre of Johan Creten (b. 1963 Belgium) is laden with double entendres, suggestions, symbolic links, ... His very personal work resolutely resists the typical twentieth-century modernist idea of progress in art, including through the use of historically charged motifs, tactile materials, and sensual shapes. The sculptures of Johan Creten invariably invite different narratives to be created between them; in this way, every exhibition appeals to the imagination of the spectator in new and changing ways.

    Recently, Johan Creten has been the recipient of much international recognition and the Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens is therefore very happy to be the first Belgian museum to present a solo exhibition of his work. Johan Creten presents an exhibition in which very recent and older sculptures are placed in dialogue, using both the garden and the interior spaces of the museum.

  • ALMINE RECH GALLERY @ FIAC, Paris - Booth B32

    18 - 21.10.2012

    Grand Palais / Booth B32

    Opening Wednesday, October 17 / 5 -10pm (by invitation only)

    Public Opening Hours: From Thursday, October 18 to Sunday, October 21 / 12 - 8 pm
    Late closing on Friday, October 19 / 12 -10 pm

    Hors Les Murs / Jardin des Tuileries
    Matthias Bitzer
    Tom Burr
    Aaron Curry

    Opening on Tuesday, October 16 from 12pm (by invitation only)
    Public Opening Hours: From Wednesday October 17 to Sunday October 21 / 7:30am - 7:30pm

  • Taryn Simon for Wallpaper


    Created by artist Taryn Simon and programmer Aaron Swartz, Image Atlas investigates cultural differences and similarities by indexing top image results for given search terms across local engines throughout the world. Visitors can refine or expand their comparisons from the 57 countries currently available, and sort by Gross Domestic Product (GDP) or alphabetical order.

    Image Atlas interrogates the possibility of a universal visual language and questions the supposed innocence and neutrality of the algorithms upon which search engines rely.

    The New Yorker, Culture Desk, " Taryn Simon's Visual Babel":

    "Image Atlas highlights cultural differences and similarities, and questions the possibility of a universal visual language. In some searches it presents a flattening and in others it highlights the inevitability of contrast. And then there are the scrambled moments-like, I typed in the word "jew." The results yielded a crude caricature that seems to have circulated in many countries. In Syria, it presented Obama in a yarmulke, and then in Germany it was all photos of Jude Law, because Jew in translation is "jude," and clearly "jude law" is getting more hits than "jew" within those borders right now. As people move farther away from verbal communication (Instagram, etc.), it's worth questioning if visual communication is subject to the same issues of translation and misinterpretation found in verbal communication." 

    Read more: The New Yorker | Taryn Simon's Visual Babel 


    11 - 14.10.2012

    On the occasion of Frieze London 2012,

    ALMINE RECH GALLERY is pleased to invite you to Booth D18

    Opening Wednesday, October 10 / 2-9 PM

    Public Opening Hours
    Thursday, October 11 / 12-7 PM
    Friday, October 12 / 12-7 PM
    Saturday, October 13 / 12-7 PM
    Sunday, October 14 / 12-6 PM

    Works by following artists will be presented on our booth:

    Matthias Bitzer
    Don Brown
    Tom Burr
    Beatrice Caracciolo
    Aaron Curry
    Joel Morrisson
    Peter Peri
    Ugo Rondinone
    Taryn Simon
    Gavin Turk