• Ryoji Ikeda at Miyazu Amanohashidate

    October 18 — November 7, 2021

    Watch the video of Ryoji Ikeda's latest installation “data.flux [LED version]”, 2021. 
    “data.flux [LED version]” is a site-specific audiovisual installation that perceptualizes invisible data and lets you thrust yourself into the torrent of video and audio. Imagery is projected onto a large 24 meter LED screen composed of a huge combination of data, which lends the viewer a “complete sensory experience” with audio that is closely synchronized.

  • Almine Rech is pleased to announce the representation of contemporary Mexican-American artist Daniel Gibson in Europe, United Kingdom, New York and Asia.

    Almine Rech hosted the artist's inaugural solo exhibition at Almine Rech New York in June 2021. His second solo exhibition will take place at Almine Rech Paris, Front Space in July 2022.

    Daniel Gibson (b. 1977, Yuma, AZ) grew up in El Centro, CA, and other surrounding towns that border Mexicali, Baja California. Both of Gibson's parents immigrated from Mexico, settling in the American southwest. This led to Gibson's early inspiration from his exposure to the desert and communities, as well as the sheetrock factory in Plaster City, CA, where his father worked. Gibson’s output is bred by his indispensable draw towards creation, an expressive therapeutic flow of visions and beliefs, real life situations and dreams, comprising a combination of elements incomparably extricated and productively gifted.

    Daniel Gibson currently lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.
    He is represented by Shulamit Nazarian in Los Angeles.

    For inquiries, please contact:

    Portrait of Daniel Gibson in his studio, 2021 / Courtesy of the Artist and Almine Rech - Photo: Amuleto Projects

  • FIAC & FIAC Hors Les Murs

    October 20 - 24, 2021
    Booth A16

    On the occasion of FIAC 2021, Almine Rech is pleased to present a selection of works by established and emerging artists. Through a multifaceted group of works, Almine Rech will bring together artists who demonstrate distinctive practices within painting and sculpture, within a wide range of generations and origins: Jenny Brosinski, Don Brown, Javier Calleja, Brian Calvin, César, Gordon Cheung, Ha Chong-Hyun, Johan Creten, Xavier Daniels, Gerasimos Floratos, Jorge Galindo, Gregor Hildebrandt, Alex Israel, Tarik Kiswanson, Alexandre Lenoir, Alexis McGrigg, Tursic & Mille, George Rouy, Hajime Sorayama, Pierre Soulages, Emma Stern, Kim Tschang-Yeul, Thu Van Tran, Francesco Vezzoli, Tom Wesselmann, Chloe Wise and Sun Yitian.

    VIP Preview (by invitation only):
    Wednesday, October 20, 2021, 10 am - 8 pm

    Public Days:
    Thursday, October 21, 2021, 12 pm - 8 pm
    Friday, October 22, 2021, 12 pm - 8 pm
    Saturday, October 23, 2021, 12 pm - 7 pm
    Sunday, October 24, 2021, 12 pm - 7 pm

    Grand Palais Éphémère
    Plateau Joffre
    75007 Paris, France

    Tickets may be booked online here.
    Our booth will also be live in the Online Viewing Room.

    For press inquiries, please contact:
    Alice Doré
    Elizabeth McNamara
    Agence Dezarts

    For other inquiries, please contact:

    Works by César, Alexandre Lenoir, Johan Creten, Tursic & Mille and Javier Calleja / Courtesy of the Artists, Estate and Almine Rech / © SBJ / ADAGP Paris 2021. Courtesy of Almine Rech and Fondation César - Photos: Nicolas Brasseur, Grégoire Couvert and Rebecca Fanuele


  • Frieze London

    October 13 - 17, 2021
    Booth D10

    On the occasion of the new edition of Frieze London, Almine Rech is pleased to present a significant large rainbow painting by John Giorno (1936-2019) echoing the artist’s first posthumous solo show in the UK at Almine Rech London.

    The presentation will also feature a selection of works by contemporary artists Alice AndersonJenny BrosinskiDon BrownJavier CallejaBrian CalvinHa Chong-HyunGordon Cheung, Sarah CunninghamPaul de FlersMadelynn GreenRyoji IkedaMarcus JansenMichael KaganAlexandre LenoirJohn McAllisterSam McKinnissTursic & MillePeter Peri, Larry Poons, Otis Kwame QuaicoeHiba SchahbazKenny ScharfEmma SternKim Tschang-YeulBrent WaddenChloe Wise and Sun Yitian, among others.

    Private View (by invitation only):
    First Access | Wednesday, October 13, 2021, 11 am
    Second Access | Wednesday, October 13, 2021, 2 pm
    Third Access | Thursday, October 14, 2021, 11 am
    Fourth Access | Friday, October 15, 2021, 11 am

    Park Square West
    Regent's Park
    NW1 4LL London UK

    Tickets may be booked online here.

    Our booth will also be live in the Online Viewing Room.

    Frieze Viewing Room Preview:
    Wednesday, October 13, 2021, 11 am

    For press requests, please contact:
    Elizabeth McNamara
    Elvira Valdes

    For other inquiries, please contact:

    Works by John Giorno, Javier Calleja, Kenny Scharf, Marcus Jansen, Alexandre Lenoir, Ha Chong-Hyun, Alice Anderson, and Sam McKinniss. Courtesy of the Artists and Almine Rech / © John Giorno - Courtesy of Almine Rech

  • Almine Rech is pleased to announce its participation in the 2021 TWO x TWO for AIDS and Art auction with a work by Haley Josephs.

    Haley Josephs
    Oil on linen - 10 x 8 inches

    Fairy tales are grasping at a world that can never be. Maybe a painting is a fairy tale? It’s a reflection of our world, but with a spin on it that makes it forever unattainable. Like a bug preserved in crystal, you can’t get to it without breaking it all apart. What is reality? What is the dream?­­ 
    - Haley Josephs

    Brooklyn-based painter Haley Josephs focuses on fantasy and femininity in her archetypal portraits, painted in the artist’s brushy, luminous style. The fairy tale scenes Jospehs create vary from light, elemental works, like this painting My Dolphin Fantasy, to darker scenes of post-apocalyptic anger and alienation. Here, the figure has a carefree aura as she emerges from an idealized ocean with whimsical dolphins leaping behind her. A graduate from Yale University’s MFA program, Josephs has exhibited in the US, Mexico, and China, and her work is in the collection of the X Museum, Beijing, among others.

    More information here.

  • Almine Rech is pleased to announce the representation of contemporary American artist Gerasimos Floratos in France, Belgium and China.

    Almine Rech hosted the artist's inaugural solo exhibition at Almine Rech Paris in November 2020. His second solo exhibition will take place at Almine Rech Brussels, Belgium in September 2022, as well as a solo presentation at Château de Boisgeloup, Gisors, France, in October 2022.

    Gerasimos Floratos (b. 1986) lives and works in New York City. Floratos grew up enmeshed in the overwhelming sensorial experience that is Times Square, the pounding commercial and touristic heart of the city, a place the artist refers to as “the center of the center”. To this day, his studio is stationed there, where he continues to work and live.

    Surrounded by the restlessness of midtown Manhattan, Floratos uses the hyper-charged atmosphere of his neighborhood as a springboard for a deeper exploration of the urban matrix and the human subconscious. Impastoed paintings that are at once luminous and torpidly congested feature a rotating cast of anthropomorphic creatures: sauntering pedestrians, skyscraper bouquets, honking commuters, trudging oversize shoes, and hands with gigantic mushrooming fingers. 

    Laden with the sonic qualities of city life, Floratos’ psycho-figurative bodies simultaneously map the internal workings of the artist's mind, and the visceral experience of his physical environment in what he describes as a form of “psychogeography”, a term borrowed from Guy Debord, a founding member of the Situationist International movement of the 1960s. By examining the ways the urban environment shapes our lived experience, Floratos captures the chaotic and anxious pace of the city, creating dense spaces crowded by larger than life subjects that radiate the oblivious audacity of big city personas.

    For inquiries, please contact:

    Portrait of Gerasimos Floratos in his studio, 2020 / Courtesy of the Artist and Almine Rech - Photo: Dan Bradica

  • Artist talk - Claire Tabouret, Almine Rech | Paris, Turenne

    Tuesday, October 19th, 2021 at 6 pm

    On the occasion of L’Urgence et la Patience, Claire Tabouret’s fourth solo exhibition with the gallery, Almine Rech is pleased to invite you to a conversation between Claire Tabouret and Jean-Philippe Toussaint.

    Jean-Philippe Toussaint is a writer, filmmaker and photographer. His novels have been translated into over twenty languages.  He has directed four feature films for the cinema.  In 2012, he presented the exhibition LIVRE/LOUVRE at the Louvre Museum in Paris.

    The conversation will be held in French. 
    No reservation required. Within the limit of available seats.

  • Almine Rech is pleased to announce the representation of contemporary Spanish artist Jorge Galindo in France, Belgium, United Kingdom and Asia.

    Jorge Galindo was born in 1965 in Madrid, Spain. Trained in the workshops of the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid, his artistic oeuvre spans more than three decades. Describing his own work as “dirty pop,” his monumental paintings are gestural and expressionist. Over the past thirty years, Jorge Galindo has made paintings which often synthesize elements of collage. Using a range of materials, his lush and colorful surfaces are executed in an energetic, sometimes chaotic style. 

    Galindo’s work has been exhibited internationally including at the Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin; Hirshhorn Museum, Washington D.C.; Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid; and the Hammer Museum of Art, Los Angeles, CA. The Hall Art Foundation Schloss Derneberg presents an exhibition of Galindo’s work on view until the summer of 2022. 
    Galindo lives and works in Toledo, Spain.

    For inquiries, please contact:

    Portrait of Jorge Galindo, 2021 / Courtesy of the Artist and Almine Rech - Photo: Juan Galindo


    September 30 — October 4, 2021
    Booth C17

    Please join Almine Rech at DnA SHENZHEN 2021, presenting a solo project of Vivian Springford.
    The American abstract painter Vivian Springford (1913-2003) provides a fascinating case study of a mid-century American woman artist. With an emphasis on gesture, dripping, and splattering, Springford's works of the 1950s bore a clear connection to Abstract Expressionism. The primary influence of her early work came from East Asian arts and letters, particularly Chinese calligraphy, Taoism and Confucianism.
    We look forward to welcoming you at Booth C17.

    VIP Preview (by invitation only):
    Thursday, September 30, 2021, 2 pm - 8 pm

    Public Days:
    Friday to Monday, October 1- 4, 2021, 11 am - 6 pm

    No. 184 Fuzhong Road, Futian Central District
    Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

    For inquiries, please contact:

    Vivian Springford, Untitled, 1976, Acrylic on canvas - 149.9 x 127 cm, 47 5/8 x 47 5/8 x 1 3/4 in - © The Vivian Springford Administration / Courtesy of Almine Rech - Photo: Matt Kroening

  • One by One: Ha Chong-Hyun

    September 29 - October 11, 2021


    Almine Rech is pleased to share Ha Chong-Hyun: Conjunction 19-28, 2019, the ninth installment of One by One, Almine Rech’s series of exclusive online viewing rooms dedicated to extraordinary individual artworks.

    A prominent member of the Dansaekhwa (“Monochrome Painting”) movement, Ha Chong-Hyun began his practice in the aftermath of the Korean War, using materials he found on the street, such as barbed wire and burlap sacks left over from American food aid.

    While such materials carry political resonances, Ha has always focused more on material dynamics and physical processes than on symbolic concerns, as when he placed barbed wire on top of cloth in the sun to burn its shadow onto the support, or as when he began meticulously using wooden slats covered in paper to push paint through burlap from the back, creating subtly aleatory textures on the front side. This process formed the foundation for a lifelong series of paintings titled Conjunctions, in which Ha continues to wrestle with color and texture in an endless exploration of monochrome painting.

    For inquiries, please contact: