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Almine Rech

Ji Xin

Born in 1988 in Jiangsu Province, China, Ji Xin received his BA and MA degrees in the Oil Painting Department from the China Academy of Art, and also studied in Paris as a visiting artist via an Exchange Project of CAA, in 2012. He is currently a PhD candidate at the China Academy of Art.

Ji Xin's exploration is making steady progress, retracing the intersection of different narratives from the Eastern and Western classical aesthetics, gradually awakening the contemporary sensibility outlined by his perspective. In his work, traditional Eastern modeling methods and Western oil painting techniques are intertwined, presenting an examination of the forms and realms of Song dynasty painting, as well as a glimpse of his research into Renaissance iconography and the glazing of light and shadow. This ambiance in his work is not based on the response to a specific history or context, but on an understanding of the world and how to embed oneself in the surroundings. 

Ji Xin portrays the homogeneous representations of complex emotions shared by the collective that can travel through time, examining the hustle and bustle in the void, demonstrating a grasp of the seemingly innocent but subtle atmosphere of his works. 
 Ji Xin's creations were born out of the search for classical, innocent, delicate, and mysterious complexities. In this process, the artist draws on external nutrients, cutting out the self in his work and presenting the figure as a detached reality. In perceiving changes in the outside world, the artist has pursued familiar techniques while creating idealized worlds, playing with surrealism and detachment, all while keeping a clear link to reality.  Ji Xin attempts to distill a metaphysical reference through the setting of figures and scenarios, revealing a reverted state of coexistence between man and god.

Ji Xin's works are included in many renowned public and private collections, including Long Museum (China), ICA Miami (US), Deji Art Museum (China), X Museum (China), ASE Foundation (China), Xiao Museum of Contemporary Art (China), Song Museum (China), Fairyland Art Centre (China).

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