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Almine Rech

X PINK 101

May 28 — Aug 6, 2023 | X Museum, Beijing, China

X Museum is pleased to present its inaugural exhibition 'X PINK 101' in its new location in Beijing, from May 28 to August 6, 2023. Centred around the colour pink, the exhibition brings together 49 works from the museum collection in its newly restored historic building, marking a fresh chapter of the museum's inspiring programs.

The exhibition starts with an investigation of the body in art. As one of the most profoundly contested subjects in the history of art, the body has long been endowed with aesthetic significance and continues to serve as a medium for artists to express personal experience and self-consciousness. From Christina Quarles and Zhang Zipiao’s discursive approach to corporeality, to Jes Fan and Heidi Bucher’s practice of eco-feminism through materials and Antonio Obá and Zéh Palito’s retracing of the heritage of memory, the works in the first part of the exhibition examine the notions of the body and identity that are in constant flux under social and cultural constructs, as well as the ways in which race and gender intertwine to form complex identities. Works in this section portray and imagine the human body, highlighting a contentious visual reference for discussions in relation to identity.

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