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Almine Rech

Aaron Young

American artist Aaron Young is recognized for his performance artworks for which he enlists culturally-resonant participants such as motorcycle riders or skateboarders. Photographs, videos, drawings, and sculptures are the traces of these ephemeral acts that constitute an opus of Young's intricate choreography. When Young refers to Jackson Pollock’s Action Paintings, he understands the destructive, yet dynamic energy to be relevant beyond the role of the body involved in a specific working process. Young expands the speed and the style inherent in gestural abstraction and reveals his interest for the multifarious figures and imagery of urban culture.

Selected artworks

  • Aaron Young,                                      Seriously, Moonlight, 2014

    Aaron Young Seriously, Moonlight, 2014

    Blowtorch and pigment on canvas
    198,1 x 167,6 x 6,3 cm

  • Aaron Young,                                      Sunrise, Sunset, 2014

    Aaron Young Sunrise, Sunset, 2014

    Blowtorch and pigment on canvas
    198,1 x 167,6 x 6,3 cm

  • Aaron Young,                                      Untitled, 2010

    Aaron Young Untitled, 2010

    24 karat gold-plated steel
    115 x 70 x 120 cm

  • Aaron Young,                                      Here No Evil, 2011

    Aaron Young Here No Evil, 2011

    Silkscreen on linen
    86 x 122 x 13 cm

  • Aaron Young,                                      Untitled, 2011

    Aaron Young Untitled, 2011

    Burnt rubber and motor oil on plated brass
    121,9 x 365,7 cm

  • Aaron Young,                                      Dulce Periculum, 2009

    Aaron Young Dulce Periculum, 2009

    3/8’ bronze tinted glass with shredded tire rubber and liquid glass
    152,4 x 213,4 cm

Selected press