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Almine Rech

Mary Corse

California artist Mary Corse is affiliated with the Light and Space movement, a type of West coast minimalism that emerged in the 1960s. She began studying painting at the Chouinard Art Insitute (Los Angeles) where she was inspired by the abstractions, compositions and color theories of artists such as Josef Albers and Wassily Kandinsky. In the mid-1960s, she produced large-scale monochromatic shaped canvases and non-traditional materials such as Plexiglass illuminated by fluorescent light bulbs. Through her art practice, Corse explores surfaces and space to fuse the boundaries between painting and sculpture.

Selected artworks

  • Mary Corse,                                      Untitled (White Light, Beveled Edges), 1970

    Mary Corse Untitled (White Light, Beveled Edges), 1970

    Glass microspheres in acrylic on canvas
    271,8 x 271,8 x 8,26 cm

Gallery exhibitions