Anselm Reyle

Laguna Sunrise


Press release

Almine Rech Gallery is pleased to present Anselm Reyle's fourth solo exhibition with the gallery, celebrating almost a decade of collaboration.

The exhibition presents five large ceramics by Anselm Reyle, along with new bodies of painting. 

Monumentally presented on plinths the handmade vases in the style of Fat Lava are larger than life-sized. This way, at eye level, the glazed drippings can be appreciated almost like paintings, and the vases are absolved of their utilitarian status.

With this exhibition Anselm Reyle also introduces new bodies of paintings. On the untitled works from the series Zen Paintings, a raked pattern draws over the canvas in uniform tracks.

For the also untitled Scrap Metal Paintings, Reyle arranges different forms of metal shavings and other scraps on a black surface that is sealed with a transparent acrylic glass box.

- Annika Goretzki