Andrea Marie Breiling

I Think I Might've Inhaled You


Almine Rech Brussels is pleased to present 'I think I Might've Inhaled You', Andrea Marie Breiling's first feature presentation with Almine Rech.

Andrea Marie Breiling makes us witness to her physicality while simultaneously inviting us to experience our own. Building multiple, cross-hatched layers of spray paint, she brings phantasmagorical gestures and shapes to life across the surfaces of her work. Her brush-free approach allows her to render wide forms filled with a frenetic energy that is as emotional as it is physical, as seen in Shifting Dunes, 2021 or Under the Bridge (Downtown), 2021.

Breiling explains that her paintings are imbued with a spirit of optimism in the face of personal and global hardship. “These paintings beg for the return of miracles and hope. Not looking back at the dogma of life as we know it now—but to a brighter future full of endless possibilities. Each, for me, is a prayer."

These highly spontaneous yet masterful experiments unite her works in a complete understanding of color and spirit of discovery. Andrea Marie Breiling will also present her work at Almine Rech London in November 2021