Erik Lindman

Human Personality


" habits are strengthened by repetition but passive ones are weakened."

-C. S. Lewis

Keep on opening the window.  There's the indelible strain arching across bristling, magnetic spires.  After that: coronation with five thousand halos dripping, literally, with glory. Everything that was has fallen away from me; now only a throb echoes against itself.  The trumpets, no longer limp, are ready.  They wait, all attention, like soldiers.  My sandals explode, one at a time.  "Each leg is shorter than the other."  I can hear the knocking behind the door, but the door itself eludes me even as I smash my jaw against its threshold.  But I don't do that too often anymore. Rupture is the truth emerging via beauty, yielding astonishment.  Astonishment is the dissolution of the membrane between awareness and truth. The Good is psycho-physiological electricity.

After the whole order blew apart, it became possible to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Hunter Hunt-Hendrix

Erik Lindman was born in 1985, in New York, U.S where he lives and works.

 Hunter Hunt-Hendrix is the founder of Liturgy, New York based transcendental black metal band.


Opening Thursday, September 13th 2012 / 6 - 8:30 pm
7 pm - Performance by John Giorno
7:30 pm - Music Live with Liturgy