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Almine Rech
Portrait of Michael Kagan, photographed by Elisabet Davidsdottir

Almine Rech now represents Michael Kagan

Born in Virginia, Kagan received his MFA from the New York Academy of Art and has since been based in New York City. 

Kagan’s bold, large-scale oil paintings delve into the physical and emotional journey of adventurers, namely astronauts and Formula 1 drivers. His paintings merge atmospheric and physical elements with technical details, where aerospatial and engineering components are created and executed skillfully using thick and deliberate brushstrokes. The result is a clear yet captivating depiction of the subject matter.

Michael Kagan's recent exploration of sculptures maintains these atmospheric elements that have become synonymous with his paintings but with the added layer of a third dimension. This encapsulates a more comprehensive environment. These works range from helmets and astronauts made in bronze, as well as alabaster footprints.  

His works can be found in collections worldwide from the US to Japan, such as The Hall Collection and the The Maezawa Collection.

The gallery will feature his work at the upcoming Art Basel Miami Beach and at Almine Rech Shanghai in 2024.