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Almine Rech

Day for Night: New American Realism

Apr 14 — Jul 14, 2024 | Palazzo Barberini, Rome, Italy

Ziad AntarBrian Calvin, George Condo, Nathaniel Mary Quinn, Sam McKinnissRichard Prince and Ouattara Watts are part of the exhibition Day for Night: New American Realism, at Palazzo Barberini, Rome, Italy. 

The exhibition Day for Night: New American Realism presents more than 150 works from the Aïshti Foundation’s collection of contemporary art. Launched twenty-five years ago by Italian-Lebanese businessman Tony Salamé, this foundation has become a truly dynamic force for art in the Middle East and beyond. At its headquarters in Beirut – designed in 2015 by David Adjaye Architects – it regularly presents major thematic exhibitions and important solo shows, while through its support for other institutions, the foundation works with museums around the world.

The exhibition borrows its title from a work by New York artist Lorna Simpson, but also refers to a film technique. “Day for night” is a cinematic trick that makes it possible to shoot night scenes in broad daylight. The term was made famous by a 1973 François Truffaut film with the same title; in French, day for night is known as nuit américaine, “American night” – an image well suited to the chiaroscuro visions of these artists, who, over the last few decades, have worked to capture the reality of the United States in its complexity.

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