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Almine Rech

Fabien Adèle Blush

Mar 15 — Apr 13, 2024 | Shanghai

Opening on Friday, March 15, 2024 from 5 to 7 pm

Almine Rech Shanghai is pleased to announce Fabien Adèle's second solo exhibition with the gallery, on view from March 15 to April 13, 2024.

Is it nightfall that gives us the feeling of moving from one painting into another? In Fabien Adèle’s paintings, we sometimes find positions of hands that seem Mannerist and faces in profile as if cut off before speaking. A sense of expectation is created. The artist often produces several versions of the same composition, so that he can adapt to what happens on the canvas, letting his intuition take on different tones. With Deux Figures sur un Banc I and II (“Two Figures on a Bench”) the scene can be tinged with twilight in a russet blue that recalls Leonor Fini, or it can take on a pale yellow dawn with shades of gray in the style of Puvis de Chavanne. The artist is unafraid of doubles, seeing them as a chance for passages, transitions. A shadow becomes flesh, a body becomes a silhouette, in a process of inversion. The artist does not work in series but in echoes, repeating motifs in different versions with particular palettes inscribing phases of earthy ocher or ethereal sand. There are no oppositions between large works and small ones, or between one subject and another, but continuity. Through fragmentation, some motifs acquire an independence that makes them almost into symbols, like the hand surrounded with young shoots in Entre Deux Grains de Sable (“Between Two Grains of Sand”) or the foot that almost crushes fruit lying on the ground in Dernière Nuit. Other subjects, by association, evoke a rebus or even a mystery, like the couples on benches, who seem to hold themselves in an indeterminate dreamlike state.

— Henri Guette, art critic

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