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Almine Rech

Michaela Meise Michael

Jun 5 — Jul 17, 2010 | Brussels
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"hello my dears. i am glad to finally get to know you personally. but there’s just one thing bothering me about you. it’s always the someone else’s fault. you need to be more careful next time if you fall down the stairs or get run over or if...

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Selected artworks

  • Michaela Meise,                                      Umgekehrte Satztische, 2007

    Michaela Meise Umgekehrte Satztische, 2007

    Wood, stain, oil, corc
    80 x 55 x 45 cm

  • Michaela Meise,                                      Das schwache Haus, 2007

    Michaela Meise Das schwache Haus, 2007

    Wood, stain,oil
    300 x 56 x 2,7 cm

  • Michaela Meise,                                      Trans Comumn 8 (beige and blue), 2009

    Michaela Meise Trans Comumn 8 (beige and blue), 2009

    Wood, gouache, oil
    240 x 57 x 57 cm