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Almine Rech


Jun 10, 2023 — Feb 4, 2024 | Kunstmuseum Schloss Derneburg, Derneburg, Germany

Kunstmuseum Schloss Derneburg is pleased to announce a group exhibition, Tempo. Tempo! Tempo? opening 10 June 2023. The exhibition is a collaboration with the Landesmuseum Hannover and PS.SPEICHER Einbeck, in which a contemporary art museum, historical museum and technical museum each present overlapping, individual exhibitions on the topic of ‘speed’. The Landesmuseum will organize a study of speed from a perspective of natural and cultural history, while the presentation by PS.SPEICHER in Einbeck will focus predominantly on technical aspects of speed.

Exploring the concept of “speed” through several thematic lenses and media, Kunstmuseum Schloss Derneburg will present over forty contemporary artworks by approximately thirty internationally renowned artists working in sculpture, painting, installation, and new media. The interpretation of “speed” as a study of the rate at which something moves or operates has been adapted by diverse fields including evolutionary theory, sociology, technology, and economics. In the arts, image-making over the last fifty years has also revealed fascinating and existential questions. At Kunstmuseum Schloss Derneburg, Tempo. Tempo! Tempo? presents artworks by artists who have responded to a proliferation of mass-produced images and to widened access to information in what German sociologist Hartmut Rosa coined our “high-speed society.”

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