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Almine Rech

James Turrell Milkrun III

Apr 10 — Jul 27, 2002 | Paris
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Milk Run III is part of a series of works called Wedgeworks. These works create shimmering colors that play acoss the apparent surface of light division-a quality that shifts in relation to viewer's movements.

To inaugurate the gallery's new venue, James Turrell will show a large new light piece, created in situ. Also on view will be a new portfolio of prints, made up of seven works, which the artist will produce during the month of February 2002.

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Selected artworks

  • James Turrell,                                      Milkrun III, 2002

    James Turrell Milkrun III, 2002

    Spectral Wedgework, neon

    Part of the ARoS Aarhus Museum of Art Collection,
    Aarhus, Denmark