Joe Andoe



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The gallery is open from 11 am until 7 pm.

  • , Untitled (after Xu Beihong) 1/12/22, 2022
    Oil on canvas
    188 x 111.8 x 5.1 cm
    74 x 44 x 2 in
  • , After Xu Beihong 3/9/22, 2022
    Oil on canvas
    185.4 x 160 cm
    73 x 63 in
  • , After Xu Beihong 1/6/22, 2022
    Oil on canvas
    55.9 x 101.6 cm
    22 x 40 in
  • , 2/4/22 Chinatown, 2022
    Oil on canvas
    101.6 x 76.2 cm
    40 x 30 in
  • , 2/8/22 Chinatown, 2022
    Oil on canvas
    101.6 x 76.2 cm
    40 x 30 in
  • , 2/9/22 after Xu Beihong, 2022
    Oil on canvas
    182.9 x 111.8 cm
    72 x 44 in

Press release

Almine Rech Shanghai is pleased to present Chinatown, Joe Andoe’s fourth solo show at the gallery, also his first solo show in China. 

In Chinatown, Andoe presents a series of galloping horses painted in various shades of red. Throughout his career, Andoe has always painted horses, but this is his first exhibition focused on the subject specifically. The image is inspired by Andoe’s admiration for the early twentieth-century Chinese painter Xu Beihong, one of the pioneers of modern Chinese art, who is known for his depiction of horses and birds in India ink, and his large-scale oil paintings portraying epic themes from national history. In New York’s Chinatown, where Andoe lives, there are many restaurants whose signs also feature reproductions of Xu’s horses. To Andoe, this is a familiar, yet foreign, visual language, like so many of the things seen from the side of the road.

- Milena Oldfield, researcher at Almine Rech