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Almine Rech

Garance Vallée Tous ces objets qui n’en sont pas

Jun 30 — Jul 29, 2023 | Paris, Turenne (Front Space)

Opening on June 30th, from 6 to 8 pm

“The objects you see coming out of the paintings are not a still life: rather, they first exist through painting, and then come to life in volume while retaining their pictorial appearance.” - Garance Vallée

Almine Rech gallery is pleased to present Tous ces objets qui n’en sont pas, Garance Vallée’s first monographic show in Paris, from June 30 to July 29, 2023. Best known for her total work - merging the territories of architecture, art and design to explore new relationships between body, space and objects, as well as their connection with domesticity, everyday life and intimacy - French artist Vallée constantly seeks to rethink the place of humankind in its environment and its reconciliation with nature. With a casual dexterity that is the hallmark of her unashamedly eclectic generation, unfettered by the rules of architectural design, she deploys every dimension of a holistic, decompartmentalized universe. Like so many clues unfolding in space, her paintings resemble architectural renderings, their deliberately truncated perspectives overflowing into reality. In advancing her patterns of ambiguousness between painting and installation, real and digital, inside and out, Vallée wilfully straddles the chasm of today’s digital world, somewhere between physical and virtual spaces.

- Jérôme Sans


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