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Almine Rech

Garance Vallée

Garance Vallée (b. 1993) is a Paris-based artist, architect and designer.

Garance Vallée brings together the territories of architecture, art and design to explore new relationships between humans, their body, space and objects, as well as their connection with domesticity, everyday life and intimacy. This approach leads her to constantly rethink the place of humankind in its environment and its reconciliation with nature. Emboldened by the unashamedly eclectic creativity of her youth, unfettered by the rules of architectural design, she deploys every dimension of a holistic, decompartmentalized universe. From painting to drawing, from sculpture to architecture and installation, her organic work evolves naturally to fully express the importance she places on experimentation and the experience of the body in space.

A graduate of the National School of Architecture Paris-La Villette, Garance Vallée, in her quest for new utopias, imagines miniature worlds as new forms of habitats, thus reconfiguring a re-enchanted world that brings humans closer to nature. Her paintings, like so many truncated spaces with multiple perspectives, give clues as to the universe she yearns for and operate a mise-en-abyme. Through subtle connections between fragments and wider ensembles, between physical spaces and virtual spaces, Garance Vallée thus composes a multidimensional body of work where each element is connected to the scenario of a global scene that abolishes every form of hierarchy and constantly creates correspondences.

Her work has featured in shows and art fairs in France and abroad, including Unique Design X, Savannah (2021) and ASIA NOW, Paris (2020); PORTRAIT DE FAMILLE, solo show at the Carvalho Park Gallery, NYC (2021); MAGNA MATER, solo show at the Swing Design gallery, Benevento, Italy; or AREBOURS, Lafayette Anticipation Foundation, Paris (2018). In 2022, she presented immersive installation Planted Air with Champagne house Perrier-Jouët as part of Design Miami.

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