Michael Kagan

How We Remember


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Press release

Almine Rech is pleased to present How We Remember, Michael Kagan's first solo exhibition with the gallery.

The fact that Michael Kagan’s exhibition, “How We Remember,” is hung as though in a place of worship speaks to the reverence from which this body of work was conceived. Six Titan rockets are displayed in trio across from each other. With anticipatory thrust, they begin with the Gemini mission. This depiction arises from enamel silk screen on linen with oil paint on top. A sextet of identical images all squeegeed differently. Fragmented by the happenstance of mark-making, signifying the astonishment of their creation. A famous NASA saying goes let’s light this candle in preparation for the immanence of a launch. Words given flight. The rockets themselves represent candles - six rockets in a confluence - one for each of the Apollo missions that landed on the moon. Almost like a Yarhzeit candle that is lit on the anniversary of someone’s death in Judaism. Godspeed Ed White. Godspeed Gus Grissom. 

- Bill Powers