Paul de Flers

Green Street

Paris, Front Space

Press release

“La nuit américaine” is a filmmaking technique for shooting outdoor scenes during the daytime and making it look as if they take place at night. Similarly, now on view in the Front Space of Almine Rech in the Marais, Paul de Flers’ new paintings invite to a warm summer evening, expressed through a dark sky and contrasting, striking light sources dominated by green and blue. 

For the show Green Street, Paul de Flers has painted imaginary nighttime or twilight landscapes with warm tones of orange, purple, and ultramarine that transport us into a wild environment of lush nature. Here, nature takes over, and wild dogs look human, with the attitudes and appearance of an organized group that is in control. Conversely, the humans are still, mysterious, rigid figures standing like sculptures on their rocky bases. We glimpse their silhouettes in profile as they witness the environment whose scale they establish.