Prix Marcel Duchamp 2019

Centre Pompidou, Paris

  • , Paysage vert et encadré, 2019
    Oil on wood
    305 x 466 x 6 cm
    120 1/8 x 183 1/2 x 2 3/8 Inches (framed)
  • , Huit ou neuf peintures pour réfléchir si l’on peut continuer ainsi,, 2019
    Oil on wood (cutted studio walls) - variable dimensions, in 8 parts
    400 x 1000 x 145 cm
    157 1/2 x 393 3/4 x 57 1/8 Inches
  • , If Rothko Was a Carpenter, à partir d’un souvenir lointain d’une peinture de Malevitch, sans vérifications préalables, accompagné de son bichon, 2019
    Oil on wood (studio walls), oak frame - variable dimensions, in 2 parts
    Painting: 387 x 386,5 x 6 cm - 152 3/8 x 152 1/8 x 2 3/8 inches
    Sculpture: 106 x 94 x 19,5 cm - 41 3/4 x 37 x 7 5/8 inches
  • , Jeune fille pleurant son canard, 2019
    Oil on wood (studio wall)
    55 x 56 x 3 cm
    21 5/8 x 22 x 1 1/8 in
  • , Quelques canards inquiétants et quelques cubes rouges surfant ensemble sur deux vagues distinctes mais en parfaite synchronisation, 2019
    Steel, cedar plinth, mahogany cubes, oil on sawed wood - variable dimensions
    270 x 329 x 252 cm
    106 1/4 x 129 1/2 x 99 1/4 Inches

Press release

Tursic and Mille (born in 1974) revel in a jubilant exploration of the condition of the pictorial medium in the post-historic era. Whether cut-up, superimposed, placed against the walls, hanging from structures or positioned on pedestals, their painting-objects occupy space and impishly deny the primacy of two-dimensional representation in painting. In a Picabian vein, Tursic and Mille also contest the relevance of style. Reinterpreting the myth of the demiurge artist, they engage wholeheartedly in gestural abstraction, without however foregoing figuration. Central to their work, which is based on the appropriation of images produced by "show culture": abolishing all forms of hierarchy between subjects and sources, their recycling processes deal indifferently with pornographic and domestic themes drawn from the internet or from films d'auteur.

The preliminary cut-up of the pictorial base plays a predominant role in the work proposed for the Prix Marcel Duchamp prize 2019. The outline of the wooden base mirrors that of the objects represented - lapdog survivors of a neo-pop past, a larger-than-life young Adonis wearing nothing but a hat, but also exaggeratedly large blobs of paint, fetishistic elements from the painter's mythology and studio. One on top of the other, playing with scale effects, these decor-paintings form a sort of stage whereon the "drama" of contemporary painting is acted out.

By Nicolas Liucci-Goutnikov
Curator, Musée National d'Art Moderne, Centre Pompidou, Curator of the exhibition, In Code couleur n°35, september-december 2019, p. 32-35