Art Basel 2014


  • , Gazing Ball (Standing Woman), 2014
    Plaster and glass
    156,85 x 46,99 x 43,5 cm
  • , Gazing Ball (Demeter), 2014
    Plaster and glass
    124,1 x 86,7 x 107,6 cm

Press release

Through these two new works presented at Art Basel, Standing Woman and Demeter (2014), Jeff Koons has created a pair of works that told us the story of a fascinating visual adn imaginary interchange between Koons and Picasso who owned a plaster of a Greco-Roman sculpture which he kept at this studio in Boisgeloup, France. Koons was intrigued by the presence of this antique copy and decided to bring her into the pantheon of his sources of his latest series of sculptures, the Gazing Balls series.