Gregor Hildebrandt

Orphische Schatten


Inquire about the exhibition:

  • , “Jetzt kommt die Flut (Peter Gabriel)”, 2013
    Cassette tape and dispersion on canvas
    192 x 137,5 cm
  • , “Maria Casarès Dunkles Sagend (in Orpheus)”, 2013
    Ink jet print and plastic in wooden case
    158,5 x 111 x 8 cm
  • , “Und ihr ginget selbdritt durch den Abend (P.Celan)”, 2013
    Cassette tape, dispersion and gloss paint on canvas
    274,5 x 438,5 cm
  • , “Da ist ein Stein, der einsam dasteht (Orpheus im Wäldchen/Berlin)”, 2013
    Ink jet print on paper
    Diptych - 42 x 31,5 cm + 21 x 15,75 cm
  • , “Das Auge hört es nicht - Das Ohr hat’s nicht gesehen. Die Hände könn’s nicht schmecken Die Zunge nicht begreifen - Das Herz nicht wiederholen (Einstürzende Neubauten nach W. Shakespeare für K.O. Götz)”, 2013
    Cassette tape and dispersion and gloss paint on canvas
    147 x 107 cm
  • , “Der Traum (La quête (Brel))”, 2013
    Cassette tape and dispersion on canvas
    107 x 122 cm
  • , “Licht (The Smiths: there is a....)”, 2013
    Cassette tape and adhesive tape on canvas
    211 x 103 cm
  • , “Orphische Platte”, 2013
    Plexiglas cover, cassette wheel, cassette tape and wood
    ø 129 cm
  • , “Eurydike (Marie Dea)”, 2013
    Laser gravure on granite
    72,25 x 92 cm
  • , “Sei allem Abschied voran... (R.M. Rilke: Sonette an Orpheus)”, 2013
    Cassette tape and dispersion on canvas
    174 x 138 cm
  • , “Elliptische Platten Target”, 2013
    Plexiglas cover, cassette wheel, cassette tape and wood
    ø 92 cm

Press release

Gregor Hildebrandt was inspired for this exhibition by a painting by René Daniëls: “I saw this work only once, when I was an adolescent, through a glass door at Documenta 92”. The picture shows a space in which several paintings appear in white against a dark background. Gregor Hildebrandt sees this project as a tribute to Daniëls. He reinterprets the painting by preserving its dimensions and replacing its bluish-black colour with tape from audio cassettes. These cassettes feature recordings of the Jacques Brel song “La quête” (The quest), taken from the musical comedy Man of La Mancha. “I chose this song because for me Daniëls’ painting evokes traumatic associations: the candle-like painting shines like the star in Brel’s song”. 

Taking this painting as the focal point of the exhibition, Gregor Hildebrandt has transposed its composition to the space of the gallery, thereby creating a mise en abyme. Wrapped in black like the space created by Daniëls, the walls of the gallery are entirely covered in tape from VHS cassettes.  The pictures follow the original composition before gradually distancing themselves from this arrangement as the visitor penetrates further into the installation. The film recorded on the VHS cassette tape covering the walls is Jean Cocteau’s Orpheus.[…]