Alice Anderson

  • Alice Anderson performing a GEOMETRIC DANCE with a drone, Archway, London, 2021

Alice Anderson’s practice revolves around forms of connectivity and memory, in direct response to our digitized and technocentric social environments. Through her unique methods of weaving copper wire, she mummifies objects that were once at the height of technological advancement for everyday use such as a rotary telephone, a record player, a wheelbarrow, a Tobacco pipe and hand tools. Anderson’s sculptures of wrapped objects and wires preserve a physical memory of the contemporary world, symbolically tracing its evolution with one continuous connection. Anderson creates a ritualized approach to the relationship between the object, space and humans, which extends to performance, choreography, and installation. The artist’s physiological response to technology and the digital world allows her to recall and conserve memory, transcribes their movements into her works. In this way, she expands digital forms of communication into physical, ritualistic and intuitive realms, circling back to the physicality of memory.