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Almine Rech

Dance First Think Later

In summer 2020, Dance First Think Later – An encounter between dance and visual arts was presented at Le Commun. Some performances were produced in collaboration with La Bâtie, ADC, MAMCO, the Museum of Art and History and Cinéma Spoutnik. This exhibition/festival is emblematic of the intentions of Arta Sperto, an organisation for curating, producing, organising and publishing multi- and trans-disciplinary artistic projects, which, not having a fixed location, designs its projects in collaboration with cultural partners or in the public space.

Dance First Think Later was understood by many people as a festival and they asked when the next event would take place. I thought about this perspective and was convinced that it made sense. The project charts artistic terrain at the edge of dance, performance and visual arts, fields that feed off each other but operate through very different mechanisms of production and presentation. At the heart of the project is dance, i.e. the gestures and movement of the human body, their meanings and interpretations in different cultures, and how they are considered through various prisms, cultural, sensual, political, social, ritual, technological, gender-related … This is a very rich artistic field, with multiple issues and perspectives that allow for the development of approaches and experiences potentially over several years.

Press release

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