Artur Lescher

  • , Alnilan, 2018
    Bronze and multifilament lines
    300 x 45 cm
    118 1/8 x 17 3/4 inches
    Ed 3/5 + 2 AP

For more than thirty years, Artur Lescher has presented solid work as a sculptor, researching on the articulation of materials, thoughts and forms. With this sense the artist has in the particular, Lescher makes uninterrupted and precise dialogues with both architectonic space and design, and on his choice of materials, such as fundamental elements of metal, stone, wood, felt, salts, brass and copper, to highlight the power of this discourse.

Although Lescher's work is strongly associated with industrial process, through which he achieves extreme refinement and rigor, the purpose of his production goes beyond form. This contradiction leaves room for myth and imagination, which are essential elements for the construction of his minimal landscape.