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Almine Rech

Eugène Leroy

Eugène Leroy is a reference for the history of painting in the 20th century: from the expressionist canvases that made him known to the northern public, to the impasto paintings that have left their mark on the international art scene for the last 30 years, Eugène Leroy has built up a very personal body of work at the crossroads of the debates that animate the question of painting in contemporary art. His unique approach depended on total experience and the act of creation, disconnected from conventions and theories determining modern painting and the attempted reforms to which it was then subjected. This could be seen in his studio, which was entirely covered by a painting that extended beyond the canvases, creating an artistic immersion, an invasion of the space of the real world that would not be confined to the medium. The longevity of his career allows him to accompany the entire process of this development and thus to appear both as a source and as the most accomplished expression of this reflection nourished by a humanist and artistic culture.
Eugène Leroy (1910-2000) is a French painter. His influence is apparent in the work of the Walloon and Flemish expressionists with whom Leroy maintained constant admiration throughout his life.

Selected artworks

  • Eugène Leroy,                                      Nu , 1995-2000

    Eugène Leroy Nu , 1995-2000

    Oil on canvas
    92 x 65 cm
    36 1/2 x 25 1/2 in

Gallery exhibitions

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