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Almine Rech

Stephane Graff

Self-taught artist and photographer Stephane Graff was born in the U.K in 1965, and lives and works in London. His previous bodies of work include Constrictions (1992), Black Box (1996) and Professore (2007). His work has been exhibited internationally since 1988 in institutions such as the Musée d’art Moderne et Contemporain in Nice, France (2013); the Ercel Foundation in Turin, Italy (2010); the Musée de Marrakech, Morocco (2004); and the Museum of Mankind in London, England (1991).

Selected artworks

  • Stephane Graff,                                      Untitled (Van Eyck / Picasso), 2015

    Stephane Graff Untitled (Van Eyck / Picasso), 2015

    Acrylic silkscreen, oil on wood
    61 x 86 cm
    24 x 33 7/8 inches

Gallery exhibitions