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Almine Rech

Eric Mack

Moving fluidly between sculpture, painting, and installation, Eric Mack utilizes material which "privileges content that operates in the world rather than in self-reference; objects that seek audaciously an outside gesture".  Working with common items such as textiles, clothing, printed images, and readymade objects, Mack intervenes upon their surfaces with paint and dye, creating a fusion of incongruous elements. His pegboard paintings maintain an engagement with the history of abstraction, while Mack’s recent assemblages signal a departure from the modernist grid. Mack's work juxtaposes the familiar and the unknown, hinting at the human form, while creating visual analogs for the the relationships we encounter in our daily experiences.

Selected artworks

  • Eric Mack,                                      Parade, 2016

    Eric Mack Parade, 2016

    Tartan fabric, suitcase fragment, newspaper page, fashion magazine page, cardboard, cotton, rope, twine, thread, grommets, aluminum curtain rod, dye, and acrylic paint
    198,1 x 175,3 x 5,1 cm
    78 x 69 x 2 inches

  • Eric Mack,                                      Implied Reebok or Desire for the Northeast Groover, 2016

    Eric Mack Implied Reebok or Desire for the Northeast Groover, 2016

    Reebok windbreaker, checkered kitchen pants, mixture of found fabric fragments, leather, quilted moving blanket, metal belt buckles, dried orange slice, crystal dragon decal, dye, and acrylic
    218,4 x 226,1 cm
    86 x 89 inches

  • Eric Mack,                                      Willow within the Form of Prose, 2016

    Eric Mack Willow within the Form of Prose, 2016

    Velour blanket, paper, dye, acrylic, straw hat, willow branch pyramids, cotton window shade, wooden bowl, rope, zip ties and bamboo fence
    182,9 x 436,9 x 175,3 cm
    72 x 172 x 69 inches

  • Eric Mack,                                      Domestic Umbrella as Backyard Band, 2016

    Eric Mack Domestic Umbrella as Backyard Band, 2016

    Canvas umbrella, wooden dowels, Asian folding fan, metallic tartan, corduroy plaid, cotton, dye and acrylic, with grommets and zip ties
    299,7 x 269,2 x 238,8 cm
    118 x 106 x 94 inches

  • Eric Mack,                                      Glizzy, 2016

    Eric Mack Glizzy, 2016

    Acrylic and pistachio shells on pegboard
    243,8 x 121,9 cm
    96 x 48 inches

Gallery exhibitions

Selected press