Messages from the 6th Dimension

Co-organised with Hilde Lynn Helphenstein


Almine Rech is delighted to present the group show Messages from the 6th Dimension organised in collaboration with Hilde Lynn Helphenstein. This exhibition will include young artists who push boundaries in the depth of their art.

The upcoming exhibition will showcase talented artists Fabien Adéle, Lilah Rose, Hiba Schahbaz, and Dylan Kraus.

Young French artist Fabien Adéle's ethereal works use aspects of surrealism to convey memories and vivid emotions. The cohesive contrast between the statuesque figures that are notable in Adéle's works and their surrounding environments makes both aspects more whole and interdependent. These figures are akin to living stalagmites and reflect their intricate properties, strength, and impressive appearance. By intentionally painting them from behind or avoiding a direct confrontation, Adéle’s figures allow us to interpret their feelings in ways that relate to us best in a much more personal light.

Lilah Rose's mesmerising textured works carry a sense of solace and play on blurring the lines between functional and beautiful art. The plushness of Rose's works are not only just in appearance but in her use of fabrics like silk, muslin, and satin which are effectively stuffed to become luxuriant creations that are reminiscent of comforting homes and interiors. The Michigan native was first introduced to these mediums by her family’s background in textile print-making and fashion design. Rose’s distinct aesthetic is recognised as her works can vastly vary in themes, there’s a noticeable harmony throughout all of her creations.

Pakistan-born artist Hiba Schahbaz focuses on bringing forward and creating a space for the often muted voices of women of colour through self-portraiture, and often times using black tea and gold leaf as a medium to tie in her south-Asian heritage, all while defying the rules of miniature works. Schahbaz's empowering depiction of the female form contextualises Indo-Persian art that is traditionally androcentric and develops recurring themes pertaining from strength and sexuality to fragility and destruction from a female perspective. The earthy and pastel tones created using a blend of gouache, watercolour, and tea accentuate the aforementioned themes while bringing forward a tranquil feeling.