Emma Stern

Boy, It Feels Good To Be A Cowgirl


Almine Rech is pleased to present ‘Boy, It Feels Good To Be A Cowgirl’, American artist Emma Stern's first solo exhibition with the gallery. 

Emma Stern paints virtual women, taking avatars as her muses. Stern plays with sultry — or even pornographic — codes and representations in the virtual world by combining traditional painting methods with 3D modeling methods. 

In her work, Stern interprets the consequences of the biases and preferences prevalent in the male-dominated arena of software and technology, and magnifies the effects of those same preferences and biases on the female body and its popular representation in cyberspace. Her fantastical, pastel-colored avatars borrow from familiar tropes in gaming, as well as from the visual vocabulary of niche online communities such as furries, fandom, and erotic 3D art message boards. 

After obtaining a BFA from the school of painting at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, Emma Stern has exhibited her work internationally. Her work was recently on view as part of Resting Point of Accommodation, a group show curated by Bill Powers at Almine Rech Brussels. 

Emma Stern lives and works in Brooklyn, NY