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Almine Rech

Katia Lifshin
Wish, 2023
Oil on linen
130 x 130 cm, 51 x 51 in

© Katia Lifshin


Carte Blanche x Nathalie Baume

Curated by collector Nathalie Baume, online viewing room Wish will be launching at our website on November 28, 2023. The project showcases the talent of nine young emerging artists that bring their unique vision through an emphasis on painting. 

Baume has dedicated herself to suporting and highlighting emerging talents in contemporary art. This selection exemplifies her commitment to encouraging artistic exploration. In an harmonious convergence of artistic expression, RF. Alvarez, Alexander James, Katia Lifshin, Sean P. McGaughey, Jemima Murphy, Mayuko Ose, Leo Park, Lumin Wakoa, and Caroline Zurmely create a captivating dialogue of various perspectives.