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Almine Rech

Portrait of Sasha Ferré, 2023

Courtesy of the Artist and Almine Rech

Almine Rech is pleased to announce the global representation of French artist Sasha Ferré.

The gallery will present her first solo exhibition ‘Toccata’ at Almine Rech Paris, Turenne opening on September 7, 2023. 
Her work will be featured at Paris+ par Art Basel and at Art Basel Miami Beach in 2023, as well as in a solo exhibition at Almine Rech New York, Tribeca, in January 2024.

Sasha Ferré’s practice celebrates painting as a site of limitless imagination in which form, matter and meaning spontaneously and continuously grow together. 
Her visual language takes shape from her intimate relationship to her medium. She keeps physically close to her artworks by involving her whole body in her process. Working alla prima, she uses oil sticks in ample energised gestures and directly applies the material with her hands, disposing of brushes in order to create a completely unmediated relationship to the material. Each of Ferré’s abstract landscapes takes shape through improvisation. In a process comparable to jazz music, Ferré relishes in the thought of the unknown, allowing abstraction to unfold uninhibited. 

"After seeing a painting of hers at a collector’s home, I approached Sasha about visiting her studio in Paris. When I arrived, I was impressed by the quantity of unstretched painted canvases in progress on the floor and their intense luminosity. Sasha's brushwork releases a tremendous energy, she is able to harness liberated marking-making, which in a different way of course can be observed within Poons and Förg paintings. Her passionate dedication to color also reminds me of John McCracken, whose work I love and who was one of my first artists. These relationships connect Sasha with the art the gallery has long been presenting. In her own way, she renews and reinvigorates the histories of gesture and color theory that have long been present in the history of abstract painting."

— Almine Rech