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Almine Rech

Portrait of Jean Miotte, Pignans, France, 1998

Courtesy of Jean Miotte Foundation / Photo : Sylvie Ruau

Almine Rech now represents the Estate of Jean Miotte

Almine Rech is pleased to announce the global representation of the Estate of Jean Miotte in collaboration with Diane de Polignac gallery and Jean Miotte Foundation.

Jean Miotte is one of the prominent figures of lyrical abstraction within the new School of Paris. Since the very beginning, he favored gestures and action to transpose an emotion testifying of his complex relationship with sensitive reality, a philosophical and spiritual experience in service of the symbolism of the image. His discourse is born out of a semantics where he regards the sign as the “I” who paints: I am painting, he declares. 

His approach tends to two extremes, on the one hand a writing at the height of thought and sensation, and jointly and exuberant spontaneity until the loss of oneself, in a ZEN spirit. This vocation of the void was manifested especially from 1962 on, following regular stays in New York where he bonds with Rothko and Motherwell. Miotte gives praise to white that has become light, and which “radiates and erases limits”, he says.

— Lydia Harambourg, Historian Art Critic, Corresponding Member of the Institut de France, Academy of Fine Arts

"Jean Miotte painted intensively throughout his life. From the 50s onwards, he established himself as a major artist for his contemporaries, and in the 80s he was the first Western painter of lyrical abstraction to be successfully exhibited in China. 
At one time, his work was widely exhibited, but at the end of his life and after his death, until very recently, it no longer enjoyed the visibility afforded by galleries. Looking at his prolific oeuvre today, we realize that he can be seen as a "classic" of lyrical abstraction, and it's time to show his work again."

— Almine Rech