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Almine Rech

Almine Rech is pleased to announce the representation of contemporary American artist Andrea Marie Breiling in Europe, United Kingdom and Asia.

Sweet Dreams of Rhythm and Dancing, Andrea Marie Breiling's first exhibition in London, will be on view from November 23 to December 18, 2021.

Andrea Marie Breiling makes us witness to her physicality while simultaneously inviting us to experience our own. Building multiple, cross-hatched layers of spray paint, she brings phantasmagorical gestures and shapes to life across the surfaces of her work. Her brush-free approach allows her to render wide forms filled with a frenetic energy that is as emotional as it is physical.

For inquiries, please contact:

Portrait of Andrea Marie Breiling, 2021 / Courtesy of the Artist and Almine Rech - Photo: Melissa Castro Duarte