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Almine Rech

Content: Conversation between Thu Van Tran, Pedro Morais and Magali Nachtergael now online!

Conversation between Thu Van Tran, Pedro Morais (Art critic and independent curator) and Magali Nachtergael (Associate Professor in Literature, Culture and Contemporary Art at Paris University 13, curator and art critic), that took place on the occasion of her exhibition at Almine Rech Paris, on January 11th, 2020.

Link to the video here

For her first solo show at the gallery, Thu Van Tran has chosen the double-edged title Trail Dust, which conjures up transience and evanescence but is also the code name for the toxic spraying operations carried out by the U.S. military during the Vietnam War. The transience of life and the finality of death, the transformation of organic into mineral matter and the infinite timescales of mineralization and petrification processes are the themes of Thu Van Tran’s exhibition – as are such ongoing concerns as the nature and properties of the materials  onstituting her art, and how these materials might address such ever-present issues as the atrocities of the recent past. - Extract from the text by Rahma Khazam

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