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Almine Rech

Almine Rech now represents Umar Rashid

Almine Rech is pleased to announce the representation in Europe and China of Chicago-born artist Umar Rashid, also known as Frohawk Two Feathers, following his first solo exhibition at Almine Rech Paris.

Almine Rech will feature Umar Rashid's works in Paris+ 2022 and Art Basel Miami 2022.

Having pursued a Bachelor of Arts in Cinema and Photography from the Southern Illinois University of Carbondale, he developed his own visual language with a focus on history and storytelling. The countless motifs and symbols present in his work transcend culture and make for a playful reading where viewers can interpret many different meanings.

Rashid finds inspiration in everything that surrounds him – from old illuminated manuscripts, Native American ledger drawings, primitive art paintings, Mughal Persian miniature paintings, Indonesian Batik, Hmong story cloth, Egyptian hieroglyphs, Sumerian Babylonian cuneiform, Roman mosaics, Greek black-line pottery, and Japanese woodblock prints to African sculpture.

Though mostly using mediums like ink and acrylic, Rashid doesn’t shy away from atypical materials such as tea and coffee, allowing him to make original connections between contemporary culture and colonialism.. As a self-taught artist, he has developed a freedom of expression that has evolved with his painting, avoiding the constrictions of academic artistic education.